Pedro and Rachel on the lacto-fermentation workshop in Frelishburg, Canada.


We are a dynamic duo who shares a common passion for lacto-fermentation. We want to bring to your table a variety of original products inspired by this ancient preservation method.

As part of our commitment to you, we select local vegetables and fruits grown with responsible agricultural practices from small family-run farms.

We incorporate as many seasonal ingredients as we can find locally and adapt to our partners’ production schedules.

You will find that we have included some elements of Mexican cuisine to our products; this reflects our deep roots to Mexico. Pedro, our head fermenter, was born in Mexico and it is in this wonderful country where he and Rachel met…and eventually created Tout cru! Atelier de fermentation together.

We love sharing with you our passion for lacto-fermented products and to let you discover all the benefits from this preservation method!




Pedro & Rachel